Rural Activities

The Mission headquarters gave educational help amounting to Rs.13,200/- to students of Ramanagar and Kuntighat in Hooghly district.

The centre at Shillya, Dist. Burdwan ran a primary school (roll strength : 672). Vocational classes were conducted for grown up girls and women (attendance : 20), while computer classes were attended by 138 students. The dispensary (Homoeopathic and allopathic) run by the centre treated 1648 patients. Educational help was given to 14 students. Distribution of clothes, warm garments etc. was done regularly. In all, the centre spent Rs. 15,59,299/- for the above activities.

The Weaving-cum-Tailoring Training centre in Thakurnagar village, Dist. Purba Medinipore had 14 trainees who earned money while learning. Religious and cultural classes for ladies in and outside the centre as well as other charitable activities continued following covid protocol. Though coaching classes were not conducted regularly due to the pandemic, tiffin, clothes, warm garments etc. were given to the children. Scholarship and pecuniary aid were given to deserving students. Sarees, dhotis, warm garments etc. were distributed among poor women and children of Thakurnagar and nearby villages at the time of Durga Puja and in winter. The homoeopathic dispensary and the eye section treated 171 patients. Total expenditure for the above activities : Rs. 10,40,198/-.

The centre at Gangarampore, Dist. 24 Pgs(S) conducted a primary school for poor children of different castes and religions (No. of students : 322) and a Balwadi (No. of children : 15). All the children were provided with books, uniforms, tiffin, midday meal every day and medicines whenever needed. Clothes and warm garments were given to them twice a year. The vocational section for the village women imparted training in tailoring, embroidery and other handicrafts (attendance : 16). The computer class counted 30 students. Daridra Narayan Seva, financial help for medical treatment and supply of medicines and nutritious food to needy women and children as well as distribution of clothes and blankets at the time of Durga Puja and in winter continued as before (No. of beneficiaries : 6931). Due to Covid-19, the coaching classes and Spoken English classes were closed. The health clinic Sevakendra gave medicines to the regular patients. In all, the centre spent Rs. 40,07,403/- towards rural welfare.

The Pangot centre conducted welfare activities for needy villagers of Pangot and nearby areas. The computer class counted 11 students. 129 students from different schools were given financial help amounting to Rs. 1,65,893/-. 69 women and girls were taught various handicraft, knitting, embroidery, crochet work etc. As every year clothes, sarees and warm garments were distributed among the poor villagers. The centre spent a total Rs.4,83,703/- towards welfare activities.

Sri Sarada Math, Sihore conducted a coaching class with 148 students and Sunday classes with 121 students. Yoga classes were conducted for 148 students. Sarees, clothes and blankets were also distributed among needy villagers and children, while books, fees etc. were given to school students (No. of beneficiaries :3677). Amount spent Rs.12,47,635/-for welfare activities.

The Bangalore Math continued its rural development work in the village of Junjaramanahalli, Tumkur Dist., about 85 km. from Bangalore, where the following activities were conducted : Nivedita Vidya Peetha, a pre-primary and primary school recognized by the Karnataka Government, with 122 children. They were given textbooks, notebooks, uniforms, lunch etc. free of cost; help in cash and kind to students and others (No. of beneficiaries : 2897), and financial help to needy villagers for medical treatment etc. continued as before. In all, the centre spent Rs. 11,46,792/- for the above purposes.

The Math at Chikmagalur conducted a tailoring class for ladies (average attendance : 10), while the computer class counted 20 students. During the year, two retreats were conducted for ladies. Sarees and grocery kits amounting to Rs. 44,000/- were distributed among needy women.

At village Salur, Kancheepuram district, the Chennai Math conducted the following activities on land allotted by the Tamil Nadu Government for the development of the area : coaching classes with 150 children, Sister Nivedita Girls’ Hostel counted 25 students, vocational training for village women with 20 ladies. Free medicines were given to an average of 1254 regular patients. Besides, financial and other help was given to 2335 students and others. Total amount spent : Rs. 20,16,619/-.