Help to The Needy

The Mission headquarters rendered the following services during the year under review :
Financial help was given to needy women and poor students amounting to Rs. 1,63,894/- (No. of beneficiaries : 79 monthly, 8 occasionally), while snacks were given to 150 students and others, and bed sheets, sarees, mosquito nets and blankets etc. were distributed to 5020 and 9900 beneficiaries respectively. The distribution of the above articles was done in Dakshineswar and other places through the headquarters and some other institutions.
Total expenditure incurred by the Mission headquarters for relief and welfare: Rs. 56,89,050/-.

As every year, the Math headquarters also undertook welfare activities:
Financial help was given to needy women, poor students and poor patients (No. of beneficiaries : monthly : 39, occasional : 25), while Chhatu and biscuits were distributed among 800 needy students and others; sarees, clothes and blankets were distributed among 4500 and 8700 beneficiaries respectively.
Bed sheets and mosquito nets were distributed to 1000 beneficiaries while blankets were given to 2300 people of Dakshineswar locality. khichuri was also served to them. Total amount spent under this head : Rs. 27,59,548/-.

All the Math centres gave help, in cash and kind, to needy students, women and children.
The following centres continued to help students in various ways : Matribhavan, Sister Nivedita Girls’ School, the Ashrama, Vivekananda Vidyabhavan, Shiksha Mandir and the Siriti centre in Kolkata, the centre in Kantanagar, the village centres in West Bengal and the centres in New Delhi, Khonsa, Thiruvananthapuram, Calicut, Pangot, Indore and Guntur. The Nivedita School conducted a coaching class for slum children of Baghbazar area (average attendance : 35), whereas the Shiksha Mandir ran an informal school for basti children of Alambazar locality (attendance : 89). The New Delhi centre too conducted coaching classes for poor children of Shahpurjat village with 58 children, as well as a non-formal primary school for basti children of Hauz Khas area with 50 children, and gave financial help amounting to Rs. 8,62,200/- as well as other necessities to 65 students of different schools/colleges for pursuing their studies.