Medical Activities

The maternity hospital in Kolkata, Matribhavan, a modern 100 bed medical centre treated 27,889 patients (mothers and children). The hospital has three well equipped operation theatres, set up with provision for all intricate gynaecological and surgical operations, including oncology and laparoscopic surgery. It has also a well-equipped eye operation theatre. The hospital has its own pharmacy, Sri Maa Pharmacy for prompt supply of medicines; and also runs a clinic for neonates and children of age of group 1 month to 3 years with full immunization as well as a clinical and bio-chemical laboratory equipped with modern technology to ensure efficient and quick service, details of which are given below :

Tests Done No. of patients
Tests Done No. of patients
Laboratory tests 5446 X-Ray 175
Ultrasonography &
Colour Doppler
247 E.C.G. 69
Cardio topography 124 Outdoor check up &
other facilities
Echocardiography 84 Medicines 31,783

Free and concessional treatment for Outdoor and Indoor patients including the above tests was given to 45,127 patients (mothers and children) amounting to Rs. 31,37,318/-.

Welfare activities for poor children and women were conducted as before. Health Care Assistant Training Course was given to 27 poor and needy girls. Clothes, sarees, medicines, ration kits and pecuniary help were given to 993 poor women.

The No. of beneficiaries of Public Private Partnership Scheme with department of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal and Kolkata Municipal Corporation was 8053 during the year under review.

Two doses of Covishield vaccines and booster doses were given to 563 medical, paramedical staff, health care workers and senior citizens.

Medicines were distributed free among poor and needy people. General awareness as well as continuous educational and counselling programmes on health and hygiene were carried for urban slums surrounding Matribhavan and other slums of Kolkata.

312 Nursing staff and other health care providers attended educational training programme on prevention and precaution of Covid-19 infection while 247 medical, nursing and paramedical personnel attended the workshops on continuous awareness on control of Covid-19.

The Matribhavan School of Nursing counted 116 students during the period.

Total expenditure incurred for welfare services to poor and needy persons : Rs. 53,42,438/- (No. of beneficiaries : 1,92,844).

Under the headquarters at Dakshineswar, Sevayan, the charitable dispensary with physiotherapy unit, eye section and yoga classes remained closed. Regular patients were given medicines (diabetes, blood pressure etc.). No. of patients 532. 241 families were surveyed to detect early symptoms of Covid-19 and the patients were encouraged to avail dispensary services for early diagnosis and treatment and 701 beneficiaries were catered to. Total expenditure during the year Rs. 2,54,032/-.

The Ashrama in Entally ran a charitable dispensary (allopathic, homoeopathic and ayurvedic) for women and children, where 972 patients were treated. Amount spent : Rs. 1,51,585/-. The dispensary run by Vivekananda Vidyabhavan treated 708 patients. Medicines were supplied free. Sevangan, the charitable clinic (homoeopathy and allopathy) of the Siriti centre served 4571 needy mothers and children through its different departments as detailed below :

No. of patients No. of patients No. of patients
General 1301 Paediatrics 299 Gynaecology 242
Cardialogy 444 Ophthalmology 407 Dental 635
Laboratory 428 Orthopaedics 306 Physiotherapy 44
Ultrasonography 78 E.C.G. 18
Dermatology 208 Homoeopathy 83

In all, Medicines worth Rs. 4,49,417/- were supplied free by the Siriti centre.

Sri Sarada Seva Kutir, the charitable clinic of the Chennai Math treated 85,668 patients. Due to Covid-19, the laboratory was closed. Regular patients were given medicines worth Rs. 16,03,795/- free of cost.

Sri Sarada Math Healing Centre at Indore conducted a Physiotherapy Unit (271 patients treated–5378 sessions), a Handicapped Children’s Unit (21 cases treated–3644 sessions) and a Homoeopathic Clinic (No.of patients treated : 5046), while the Pathology Collection Centre served 18,086 cases. The Yoga Class counted 25 participants. Expenditure incurred : Rs. 19,12,727/-.

The Math centres at Almora,Valsad and Sihore conducted charitable dispensaries for women and children (No. of patients: 1569, 3294 and 550 respectively). The Math centre at Chikmagalur ran an ayurvedic clinic. Pune and Bangalore centres arranged general medical and eye camps in which 305 and 1325 patients were benefitted respectively. Everywhere, medicines were distributed free.