Sri Sarada Math & Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Sri Sarada Math, Guntur was started on 1st April 2001 in a house donated by Dr.Ramdas, conducts daily worship & Ramnam Sankirtan on Ekadashi days, birthdays celebrations of saints and prophets as well as some festivals are observed in the temple.



Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, Guntur, its sister branch was started in October 2001 in the adjacent land and premises donated by Ramakrishna Samithi of Guntur and is conducting service activities.

Ramakrishna Sarada Vidyalaya: The Primary School for KG 1 to Class 5th, with total students’ strength of 175, where more than 50% of the students are given completely free education, books, uniforms etc.


School Competitions

Sunday Balmandir: Moral and spiritual training is given to about 80 orphan children of neighboring hostels. They are taught recitation from the scriptures, told stories from the Puranas and given moral and value education. Tiffin was given to all of them.

Inter School Competitions are held every year in which nearly 500 children participate in Gita chanting, Elocution, Essay writing, Drawing, Quiz etc.

Students' Convention

Computer Training

A new block on the 1st floor of the Niveditta Vocational Training Centre was inaugurated on 6th January,2008. Computer training for about 30 girls where certificate courses like D.C.A,D.T.P. & P.G.D.C.A. are being given.

Personality Development Programmes: Convention for about 40 college girls within the campus to inculcate higher values through discourses and live interactions. This programme is also conducted in educational institutions of Andhra Pradesh.

Nivedita Vocational Training Centre: Free training is conducted for about 60 needy women in tailoring, machine and hand embroidery, painting, bag making etc.

Embroidery Class

Tailoring Class

Relief and Welfare activities: financial help is provided to the needy.

Sri Sarada Chetana: Classes on the gospel of Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Sarada Devi are held at the residences of devotees on Wednesday.

Daily collective worship and bhajan on Sri Sarada Devi is carried out by about 30 devotees in their houses during the months September to December

Sri Sarada Math & Ramakrishna Sarada Mission 
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