Relief & Rehabilitation Activities

The Mission headquarters rendered the following services during the year under review :
Financial help was given to needy women and poor students amounting to Rs. 1,63,894/- (No. of beneficiaries : 79 monthly, 8 occasionally), while snacks were given to 150 students and others, and bed sheets, sarees, mosquito nets and blankets etc. were distributed to 5020 and 9900 beneficiaries respectively. The distribution of the above articles was done in Dakshineswar and other places through the headquarters and some other institutions.
Total expenditure incurred by the Mission headquarters for relief and welfare: Rs. 56,89,050/-.

Kerala Flood Relief:
Relief operation was conducted by the Trivandrum centre following the devastating cyclone which hit Kerala in August last year, construction materials worth Rs. 24,99,646/- were provided to 50 families in five worst affected districts for repair of houses and construction of new toilets.
The other centres in Kerala also conducted relief work in affected areas around each centre. Funds were received from devotees all over India as well as from abroad. All our centres also contributed generously. Details of the items distributed are given below:

Item No. of Beneficiaries
Kits containing provisions, clothes,
blankets, mats, kitchen vessels, buckets, etc
970 families
Kits containing soaps, tooth pastes,
antiseptic creams
1200 families
School bags and study materials 200 students
40 No. Water tanks of 500 litres capacity 120 families

Besides, 20 damaged houses were repaired, 4 new houses were constructed and 60 bathrooms equipped with toilets were built.
The Math headquarters provided construction materials worth Rs. 50,000/- to a flood victim family for house repair and construction of a new bathroom.
Total amount spent for Kerala flood relief : Rs. 77,67,294/-