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Help to The Needy

The Mission headquarters activities under this head may be broadly classified as follows :

(a) Financial help amounting to Rs. 46,395/-was given to needy women (occasional: 5, monthly : 37).

(b) Educational help was given to poor students of Dakshineswar locality amounting to Rs. 1,90,063/-. No. of beneficiaries : occasional 282, monthly 70).

(c) Milk, tiffin, blankets, clothes and sewing machines were distributed in different places as detailed here-below:

Item No. of Beneficiaries Value (Rs.)
Milk 857 82,967.00
Tiffin 170 51,691.00
Blankets 6000 7,50,000.00
Clothes 3989 3,30,416.00
Sewing Machines 28 61,197.00

Total expenditure incurred under this head Rs. 11,49,9757-.

It may be mentioned that the distribution of the above articles was done by the Headquarters at Dakshineswar, Rishra, and Bally and through the following institutions : Sarada Kalyan Bhandar, Paschim Midnapur, Vivek Chetana, Kolkata, Naba Barrackpore Sri Sarada Sangha, Kalikata Bidhan Manab Bikash Samity, Howrah, Katwa Sarada Nari Sangha, Katwa Vivekananda Pathachakra, Sarada Kalyan, Kardah, Khagra Sri Sri Saradamani Pathachakra, Berhampur, Ramakrishna Sarada Sangha, Charghat, Balurghat Sarada Sangha, Sarada Seva Sangha, Shibpur, Basirhat Sri Sarada Devi Sangha, Sarenga Sri Ramakrishna Vivekananda Society, Daihat Sri Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Sevashram Sangha, Anandanagar Mahila Samity, Nadia, Naranarayan Sevashram Sangha, Bagdah, Institute of Climbers and Nature Lovers, Santoshpur, Vivekananda Sevalaya Trust, Helencha, Sree Sree Ramakrishna Seva Sangha, Belghoria, Dakshin Chatra Sri Ramakrishna Vivekananda Sevashram.

Welfare activities at Pangot, Nainital: Sunday classes were held regularly for 70 children. They were taught Sanskrit shlokas, elementary English language, a few Bhajans and handicrafts. 50 women and girls from Pangot and nearby villages were taught various handicrafts, wool-work, embroidery, crochet work, bag-making etc.. They were also taught knitting. Light tiffin was given to all of them. Total expenditure incurred Rs. 4,219 while educational help amounting to Rs. 54,182 was given to 20 poor students of Pangot village and other places. 10 children got coaching in various subjects during the year. Clothes, Sarees and warm gar ments were also occasionally distributed among poor villagers.

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