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Medical Activities

The maternity hospital in Kolkata, Matribhavan, now a modern 100 bedded medical centre treated 32,426 patients (mothers and children) in its Outdoor Department and 2997 in the Indoor Department, out of which 478 patients were treated free or at concessional rate.  The hospital also runs a clinic for children of age group 1 month to 3 years with full immunization and a clinical and bio-chemical laboratory equipped with modern technology to ensure efficient and quick service.
Total amount spent for the hospital services : Rs. 19,73,627/- (No. of beneficiaries : 16,832).

Welfare activities for poor children and women were conducted as before.  Sahayika Sevika Training was given to 17 poor and needy girls.  Slum children were provided with clothes, medicines, milk and tiffin, free, along with education. Tailoring and handicraft classes for needy women (attendance : 30) continued. Help was rendered, in cash and kind, worth
Rs. 36,48,800/- (No. of beneficiaries : 23,780).

During the period, Community Health Programmes were organized regularly for women and children of nearby slums (No. of beneficiaries : 4199).  Out-reach medical camps were organized at different times and treatment and medicines given to poor women and children, free of charge (No. of benefici-aries : 1625).  In order to sustain this programme, 10 poor girls from the slums underwent training in Community Health and are working as Health Workers in slum areas.
The Matribhavan School of Nursing counted 40 students during the period.

Under the headquarters at Dakshineswar, the charitable dispensary, Sevayan treated 1725 patients.  A few doctors continued to render their devoted services as before. Blood tests, chest X-rays etc. for women and children of the locality were done with the help and collaboration of some hospitals and clinics in Kolkata.  During the period, the eye section attended by a qualified ophthalmologist treated 299 patients. 2 eye camps were organized in collaboration with Priyamvada Birla Arvind Eye Hospital in which 280 patients were examined, while arrangements were made for 166 eye operations.  The Baby Clinic treated 243 cases.

Yoga classes were conducted as in the previous years under the direction of an experienced teacher (average attendance : 26).

The Ashrama in Kolkata conducted yoga classes (attendance: 43) and a charitable dispensary for women and children, where 4734 patients were treated, while the dispensary run by Vivekananda Vidyabhavan treated 1410 patients.  Medicines were supplied free.  Sevangan, the charitable clinic of the Siriti centre served 8910 needy mothers and children through its different departments.

Sri Sarada Seva Kutir, the charitable clinic of the Chennai Math treated 83,098 patients who came from the city as well as from surrounding villages. The clinic had a laboratory and different sections, such as gynaecology, orthopaedics, dental, physiotherapy, x-ray, acupressure etc.
Medicines worth Rs. 10,80,164/- were distributed, free. The homoeopathic section treated 345 patients, while polio immunization was given to 1300 children. 
Clothes as well as baby food were distributed among 2500 mothers and children as every year.
Sri Sarada Math Healing Centre at Indore conducted a Physiotherapy Unit (234 cases treated – 3659 sessions), a Handicapped Children’s Unit (54 cases treated – 3092 sessions) and a Homoeopathic Clinic (No. of patients treated : 2248), while the Pathology Collection Centre served 2869 cases. Expenditure incurred : Rs. 6,24,044/-. 

The Math centres at Pune, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Almora and Valsad conducted charitable dispensaries for women and children (No. of patients : 960, 636, 1477, 2307 and 3990 respectively).  Medical camps were held regularly in Pune, Bangalore and Valsad.  Everywhere, medicines were distributed free.  The mobile dispensary of the Bhubaneswar Math served the surrounding areas once a month (No. of patients : 150).

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