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News: December 2021


Revered President Mataji is keeping well at the headquarters.

Revered Pravrajika Anandaprana Mataji, Vice President is also keeping well at the Headquarters.

News from Headquarters

26th December, 2021, Holy Mother's Birthday was celebrated with special puja, homa , chandipath, devotional songs, discourses etc.

24th December, Christmas Eve was duly observed at the headquarters. Centres also observed the occasion in a befitting manner.

News from Branch Centre

Sri Sarada Math, Sihore

Sri Sarada Math, Sihore conducted flood relief in the month of October and November 2021 in areas which were devastated by flood many times during the year by way of distributing 100 kg rice, 450 kg flattened rice, 150 kg sugar, 250 litre Mustard oil, 250 kg masur dal, 250 kg salt, 30 kg milk powder, 100 kg cholabhaja, 25 kg badam, soap and soap powder, 250 sarees, and 250 blankets in Khanakul, Solepur and Nakunda villages of Hooghly Dist. among 250 families.

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