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News: September 2023


Revered President Mataji is keeping well at the headquarters.

News from Branch Centres

Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Sister Nivedita Heritage Museum and Knowledge Centre

Sister Nivedita Heritage Museum and Knowledge Centre celebrated the 125th year of inauguration of the School of Sister Nivedita by Holy Mother, by organizing value-oriented capacity building activities among girl students (class VIII to Xll) in 40 high schools in rural areas of 8 districts of West Bengal.

A short biography of Sister Nivedita was distributed among 240 students who appeared for the written examination. Among them 85 students were selected for a cultural heritage tour on 19th and 20th August, 2023. Students along with 16 teachers visited Sister Nivedita School, Sister Nivedita Heritage Museum, Swamiji’s Ancestral House, Balaram Mandir, Mayer Bari, Belur Math and Sri Sarada Math.
A workshop on ‘Value-oriented Life Skill and Self-growth’ and a quiz competition were conducted. Awards, mementos, certificates etc. were given to the students in the final award giving ceremony on 20th August. The programme also included cultural performances based on the heritage of the respective districts. The centre also offered a yearlong scholarship to the top three students on the basis of spreading Swamiji’s and Sister Nivedita’s life and teachings to three more students in each month. The occasion was graced by the presence of Pravrajika Atandraprana, Assistant Secretary and other distinguished guests.
The programme ended with a performance by the students of Nivedita School on ‘Environmental Conservation and Sustainability’ before an audience of 700.

Sri Sarada Math, Valsad

A spiritual retreat was organized by Valsad Math On 27th August from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. The programme started with Vedic chanting, Gita chanting and guided meditation. Pravrajika Atandraprana, Asst. General Secretary spoke on ‘Who am I’. Pravrajika Prashantaprana, President of Sri Sarada Math, Pune and Pravrajika Sugataprana, President of the Valsad Math also spoke. The retreat ended with the question-answer session. 120 devotees attended the retreat. Lunch prasad and snacks were given to all. There was Ramanam Samkirtan from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm.

Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Sister Nivedita Girls' School

‘The Telegraph Award for Academic excellence, 2023’ was awarded to the Sister Nivedita School on 28th August, 2023 by the Telegraph Education Foundation at the Science City Auditorium, Kolkata.

Sri Sarada Math, Pune

Pravrajika Atandraprana, Assistant General Secretary was invited to conduct a devotees’ meet at the Pune Math on 2nd September which was attended by about 80 devotees. On the 3rd she conducted a youth retreat on ‘Decision Making’ with the help of PPT after which there was a Question-Answer session. Other speakers also narrated their own experiences in this context. About 125 participated in the retreat.
YouTube link for Devotees’ Meet

Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, Balurghat

On 3rd September Pravrajika Amalaprana, General Secretary, Sri Sarada Math and Ramakrishna Sarada Mission declared open the newly built building for the sales section of the Balurghat Centre. In the afternoon she addressed about 100 devotees and watched a small programme arranged by the primary school students of the centre.

Examination Results 2023

104 students of Vivekananda Vidyabhavan appeared for B.A. Honours Semester VI Examination 2023. 84 got First Class and 9 got Second Class while 20 students appeared for B.Sc. Honours Examination; 17 got First Class. 3 candidates appeared for B.A. Programme Examination; 1 got 1st Division.

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