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News: November 2016

Personalia: Revered President Mataji is keeping well at the Headquarters.


Kali Puja was observed at the headquarters


Mother Kali was worshipped in the Image on 29th October. Many devotees came to the Math for the occasion.

Branch Centres

Celebrations in connection with Sister Nivedita’s 150th birth anniversary


Sri Sarada Math, Bangalore has taken up a few projects in this connection, namely (i) a cleanliness drive in Tumkur Dt.; (ii) Inter school/college written tests on the life and teachings of Sister Nivedita. 3000 students from different institutions participated. Prizes distribution functions were held on 31st July and 10th September; (iii) “Sister Nivedita Scholarship Fund” was created; (iv) A symposium on Sister Nivedita was organized at the Math premises on 28th September. Scholars and eminent speakers were invited to speak on her life and message. Pravrajika Amalaprana, General Secretary presided over the morning session. The afternoon session was presided over by Pravrajika Jnanadaprana, Assistant Secretary, Sri Sarada Math & Ramakrishna Sarada Mission. The function ended with a cultural programme by the children of the school. About 250 attended the symposium.

A half-day convention was organized at the Thrissur Math on 8.10.2016. After Vedic chanting by the students of the School, Pravrajika Dhruvaprana lit the ceremonial lamp. There were speeches on Sister Nivedtia. The concluding speech was given by Pravrajika Ajayaprana, President of the centre, on “Sister Nivedita – a Multifaceted Personality”. The session ended at 1 p.m. with a quiz programme for the students from Cl. IX to XII.

Sri Sarada Math, Almora organized Sister Nivedita Memorial Inter-school Competitions on 3rd and 4th October, 2016 for children from Cl. VI to XII. These included elocution, speech, drawing, music, written quiz etc. About 5000 students from 11 schools of Almora district participated. On 28th October, Sister Nivedita’s birthday, the Inaugural Ceremony & Sister Nivedita Memorial Inter-school competitions Award Ceremony were held at the Ruthcox Auditorium, Almora. The District Magistrate of Almora was Chief Guest, while Dr. Suchismita Sengupta Pandey, Additional Commissioner, Dept. of Food & Supplies was Guest of Honour. Besides, other dignitaries, principals, teachers and students of various schools were also present. After the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest and the welcome address by Pravrajika Bhumaprana, President of the centre, there were inspiring speeches on Sister Nivedita. 59 students received prizes and 89 other students were given certificates of participation and books. After lunch, there was a fascinating dance drama on the life of Sister Nivedita by the students of Koormanchal Academy. In all about 400 people attended the function and were presented with booklets on Sister Nivedita’s life and some quotations.

A residential Youth Retreat was held at Sri Sarada Math, Pune

Sister Nivedita’s birthday was duly observed at the Nivedita School on 28.10.2016. On the 27th, the students of the Secondary Section paid homage to the Sister through songs, Vedic chanting, Gita and Upanishads recitations etc. A large painting of Holy Mother and Sister Nivedita was installed in the courtyard, tastefully decorated.

On the 28th Special Puja and Chandipath in the shrine started at 6.30 a.m. At 10 a.m. a special Homa was performed in the Thakur Dalan on the ground floor. Prasad was distributed to about 10000 people.

On that day Pravrajika Amalaprana, General Secretary also laid the foundation stone in premises No. 3B, Nivedita Lane, where the building for the Higher Secondary Section is to be built.

News from Abroad

Pravrajika Vivekaprana left Delhi on 28th August for America where she had been invited to give lectures, conduct retreats etc.


Pravrajika Vivekaprana left Delhi on 28th August for America where she had been invited to give lectures, conduct retreats etc. From 5th to 17th September she conducted retreats at Ridgely Manor. On 18th there was a short Open Forum. On 21st September, she left for Auburn, California, where the Sarada Mahila Samiti of Northern California had arranged for her stay at the Mercy Center, run by the Sisters of Mercy. The programme started with a talk at the First Unitarian Church, Oakland to inaugurate the celebrations of Sister Nivedita’s 150th birth anniversary. This is the same church where Swami Vivekananda gave talks in 1900. Pravrajika Vivekaprana spoke on ‘The Guru – Disciple Relationship of Sister Nivedita and Swami Vivekananda’ before an audience of about 125 people. There were three retreats at the Center. Pravrajika Vivekaprana returned to India and landed in Delhi on 26th October night, after completing a two months’ extensive lecture tour in the United States, covering the East and West Coasts.

Pravrajika Atandraprana left for Sydney on 3rd October.

Pravrajika Atandraprana left for Sydney on 3rd October. During her stay, she gave many lectures with power point presentations on Vedanta & Science, the history of Sri Sarada Math, its activities etc., which were appreciated by all. She also went to Adelaide where a few close devotees have formed a group. There also she gave about three talks. Before leaving Sydney, she visited, along with a few devotees the 101-acre Retreat Centre of the Society at Darama, Robertson, a two hours drive from Sydney. She returned to the headquarters on the 26th October.

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