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News: July 2014

Personalia: Revered President Mataji is keeping well at the headquarters.

News of Sister Nivedita's house at Bosepara Lane, Kolkata

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News from Branch Centers

Results of Class X Board Examination from our centre of Indore and Kamptee

The Class X Board Examination results of our Indore school were again good this year. 18 students appeared, of whom 16 passed in 1st division, while 2 obtained 2nd division marks. 5 students secured distinction in all the 6 subjects, and 3 got distinction in 5 subjects.

101 candidates of the School of Home Science, Kamptee appeared at the Class X Board Examination 2014. 22 obtained distinction, 33 passed in 1st division and 38 passed in 2nd Division, while 3 got pass marks.

News from Foreign

Pravrajika Satchitprana visited Singapore and Canada

Pravrajika Satchitprana visited Singapore from 31st May to 16th June, where she had been invited to conduct parlour talks, retreats etc.

On the 26th of June, she again left for Toronto, Canada, where she conducted a two-day retreat on Holy Mother’s message at the Vedanta Society of Toronto on 28th and 29th June, 2014.  Swami Kripamayananda, Head of the Toronto Vedanta Society also joined in conducting the retreat.  More than 100 people from Toronto and other towns of Ontario attended the retreat and the public lecture.  She also visited other places and gave talks and lectures.  On 11th July, Pravrajika Satchitprana left for Thousand Island Park where she will hold classes and retreats.  From 16th to 22nd July she will be at Stone Ridge.  After spending two days in Albany, on 26th July to 2nd August she will hold classes in Sacramento and from 3rd August to 1st September Pravrajika Satchitprana will be in Poulsbo (Seattle Area) giving lectures etc.

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