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News: April 2014

Personalia: Revered President Mataji is to leave for Bangalore on 30th April and is to return on 5th May.

News from Headquarters

Update of the restoration work of Sister Nivedita’s house at 16, Bosepara Lane, Kolkata

The house that has played a vital role in the Ramakrishna Movement is undergoing a facelift and the past is gradually revealing itself. This update is to keep the innumerable devotees, friends, admirers of Sister Nivedita and well-wishers, who have contributed in so many ways to this noble project, abreast of the progress of this great work. 

Needless to say, the building has undergone a lot of additions and alterations since the time when Sister Nivedita lived there, till when it was handed over to the Ramakrishna Sarada Mission in March 2013. These had to be meticulously and carefully investigated and removed without damaging the original structure.

Preparation of Surki Preparation of Lime

Props and scaffoldings have been put up to provide additional support to the roof of the dilapidated building, which was also necessary for de-plastering the ground floor. Two rooms facing the road side and Sister’s favourite courtyard have been freed of these later additions and now the old structure can be seen clearly. Damaged bricks have been identified for replacement and efforts are underway to procure bricks, tiles and seasoned wood.  Old Indian traditional construction materials such as lime, shurki, mortar, molasses, khayar, bonding solution are being used to restore the old walls. The walls of the north facing room have been strengthened.

Surki being mixed with lime Natural bonding materials

The restoration work is being done under expert consultation. Skilled masons have been provided by the Archaeological Survey of India, Kolkata for this project.

The renovation of the entire house will take time as it is not easy to rebuild the past.  A lot of research work and indeed hard and intense labour of love will be needed to do justice to this sacred task.

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