Sri Sarada Math

& Ramakrishna Sarada Mission

COVID-19 Relief

August 2020

Sri Sarada Math, Almora

During August 2020, Sri Sarada Math, Almora distributed Atta 500 kg, kabuli chana 100 kg, mustard oil 100 lit, salt 50 kg, sugar candy 100 kg, milk powder 50 kg, tea 25 kg, soap 100 pcs and match box 300 pcs among 50 needy families of villages Maat, Matena, Gadholi, Gajola, Danya and also Almora Town.

Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Vivekananda Vidyabhavan, Kolkata

During the second phase of COVID-19 relief work, from April to August 2020, the following items were distributed by the Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Vivekananda Vidyabhavan among 476 needy families of the surrounding areas, viz. 869 kg rice, 272 kg pulses, 339 packets milk powder, 165 kg potatoes, 630 packets of biscuits along with daily utility items like soap, oil etc. and fresh vegetables from the garden of the centre.

Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, Siriti

During April to August 2020, Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, Siriti has conducted relief operations at different times and places to help the people in this difficult situation. Cooked food was distributed for 2 days among 330 people. Packets containing Rice 5 kg, Dal 500 gm, soyabean chunks 250 gm, mustard oil 500 gm and Milk Powder 200 gm were distributed among 1091 families staying close to the centre.
100 families of Village Uttar Kalamdan, Dist. Purba Medinipur were given packets containing rice 5 Kg, dal 500 gm, soyabean chunks 250 gm, mustard oil 500 gm.
220 packets containing atta, dal, mustard oil and sugar 1 kg each were given to Ramakrishna Kripaprarthi Sangha in Village Harit, Dist Hoogly.
Dry food ration was supplied to 160 families for 2 months and bags containing 10 kg rice, dal, mustard oil, sugar, Atta/Sattoo 1 kg each, 600 gm Nutrella, 100 gm tea leaf, 200 gm Haldi powder, 2 Kg Salt, Biscuits etc. were distributed every month from April to August among 1100 beneficiaries.
300 people received Horlicks, 250 received masks, 1191 received 2 bath soaps each, 1320 people from nearby localities and also from Hooghly were given soap powder while sanitary napkins were distributed among 200 girls. Life saving medicines were also supplied to 300 patients.
Moreover, the Siriti centre extended financial help to 5 families whose houses had been damaged by the devastating Amphan Super Cyclone in Kolkata as well as in Villages Altaberia, 24 parganas (South), Senary, P.O. Bamun Bar, Purba Midnapur, Hanubhuia, Purba Midnapur and Loa, Purba Bardhaman. Help was also given to reconstruct a make shift tea stall on a road side in Kolkata.

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